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Start, join, or lead the conversation on Cisco products and experiences through online forums, real-time discussions, and thought leadership opportunities.

Programs: Advocacy, Champions, User Group


See what Cisco’s experiences and product teams are working on next. Get inside access to upcoming concepts and enhancements through beta testing, feedback opportunities, webinars, and more.

Programs: User Group, User Research


Impact the future of Cisco technology and experiences. Your unique insights and feedback will shape the solutions we build, and that you use.

Programs: Champions, User Research


Unlock unique rewards when you participate in fun challenges and friendly competition with Cisco customers and partners.

Programs: Advocacy

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From peer networking to product focus groups, each program supports a unique, interactive interest group.
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Advocate with Cisco and elevate your global profile​

Former names:

Cisco Gateway and Marketing Velocity Voice; also includes Cisco Insiders Executives, Cisco Meraki Insiders, and Cisco Insiders Small Business Partners

What to expect:

Join a global network of Cisco customers and partners to build connections, access Cisco industry news on a gamified platform, and see how peers are solving business challenges like yours

What you'll gain:

Elevate your professional profile through case studies, testimonials, and speaking engagements; earn points you can redeem for prizes

Experience focus:

Engage, Earn​​

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Share your passion for technology with a peer group of customers, partners, and other technical influencers​

Former name:

Cisco Champions

What to expect:

Talk about the future of technology, gain insights into upcoming announcements, and engage with Cisco experts through beta tests, feedback sessions, pre-briefings, and Cisco Champion Radio hosting opportunities

What you'll gain:

Opportunities to grow your professional network, your knowledge of Cisco technology, and your influence within the technical community

Experience focus:

Engage, Influence​

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User Group

Accelerate your strategic planning​

Former name:

Cisco Customer Connection Program

What to expect:

Engage with product teams and share best practices around Cisco technologies in private community forums

What you'll gain:

Direct access to product owners, roadmap sessions, and technical briefings

Experience focus:

Engage, Learn​

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User Research

Shape the products and experiences you need​​

Former names:

Cisco LabX and Cisco Insider

What to expect:

Participate in research opportunities that are most important to your role, the products you own, and your business

What you'll gain:

Influence the processes, experiences, and products we build

Experience focus:

Influence, Learn​​

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