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Full Stack Observability (FSO) | Customer Zero

Justin Waite - Cisco Cloud Ops Lead, walks us through one of Customer Zero’s most exciting initiatives, the implementation of Full Stack Observability for CX Cloud. A one-stop shop for Cisco expertise, best practices, device monitoring and contextual insights.

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A Data Driven Approach to Customer Experience: Cisco Ready Platform

Cisco Ready delivers benefits to our customers, sellers, and Cisco as a company by improving the sales experience.

Thanks to APIs, Cisco IT is greater than the sum of its parts

Cisco IT has been using APIs for IT, and already has realized value by measuring the synergy between discrete technologies. Learn how our Customer Zero team has implemented APIs for visibility in IT.

Full-stack observability in action: stories from inside Cisco IT

If there’s a user experience problem with any application, Cisco IT wants to pinpoint the cause as soon as possible so we can fix the problem, using ThousandEyes, AppDynamics, and Intersight.

Moving to a hybrid world: What we've learned

Our approach to hybrid work from the perspectives of HR and employee experience, real estate and facilities design, and technology deployment and use.

Cisco IT road to intent-based networking

Cisco IT shares insights and lessons learned from our own ongoing network transformation journey across access, WAN, and data center/cloud.

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Inclusive Collaboration: Making Webex Accessible to All Users

Understanding disability and how to make daily experiences accessible are two things I strive to do. Fifteen percent of people around the world have a disability. Please use the image of the blogger.

How Cisco IT is solving multi-cloud management: a single pane of glass

Network performance metrics for every hop from the branch to the cloud? They’re at our fingertips, with ThousandEyes Enterprise Agent on Catalyst 9000 switches. Please use the image of the blogger.

Zero Trust framework improves workforce security and productivity

With Zero Trust, Cisco employees save more than 410,000 VPN authentications per month, resulting in millions of productivity dollars saved. Please use the image of the blogger.

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