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Do you want to feel healthier? With my help you can come back to a life with more movement for improved balance and wellbeing.

Do you want to perform better? With my help you can achieve improved and more secure results at the gym, the tracks or other arena.

Obviously I use nutrition and relaxation exercises together with a multitude of test and analysis services in my evidence based toolkit.

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  • Change november 2021
    We will continue with doing the same as Challenge of the month August 2021 to build good habits, so let’s go! strength stairs What you will be able to bring with you during the month There are recommendations and principles for recovery after strength and endurance training. You can identify and work with your strengths.… 
  • Office gymnastics
    For us sitting at a desk all day long there are some simple exercises that can push the progressing vulture neck, back looking like a cheese curl or computer mouse fatigue. Per, Strength stairs Three things are important when we are sedentary, to occasionally raise the temperature, stretch properly and take micro breaks. Here are… 
  • Change of the month October 2021
    We rely on WHO’s latest physical activity recommendations to keep it evidence-based, we reuse Challenge July 2021. As a bonus for you who has the possibility, take it outside to see the lovely colors shifts when we (in Sweden) go into Autumn. strength stairs What you will be able to bring with you during the… 
  • Change of the month September 2021
    In many ways a repetition of the previous nutrition challenge from the month of June because that’s what it’s all about, repetition of a behavior until it has become a habit! strength stairs This is what we want for you to takeaway after this month Ideas on how you can eat more nutritious and more…