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More about challenge of the month February 2020

Slumber or rest for a while every day, up to halv an hour is enough

Strength stairs


Keep it simple.


  • Keeping it simple makes it easier to succeed.
  • Patience make the changes habits.


Challenge of the month February 2020 is about introducing a change, a new habit of recovery, that should be easy to perform everyday. Pulse and brain activity should go down and the change is preferably carried out together with colleagues, schoolmates, friends or family. The activities should feel relaxing and it should boost energy.

Target group

People that seldom recover, feeling an urge to get started with this and that want to unwind a bit.


Fantasy, playfullnes and sometimes the wallet is the only thing that limits what kind of activities that can be introduced. Here is a couple of examples:

  • Lie on a couch and just look at the roof. Close your eyes if this feels right, if you fall asleep you probably need it.
  • Do some yoga or stretching poses.
  • At a work break, focus on talking and listening to other persons.
  • Breathe slowly through your nose for a couple of minutes.
  • Have a massage, someone you try just stroking your back for a bit can be enough.
  • Enjoy your own spa with a foot bath, face mask and so on.
  • Let the kids serve you some fantasy tea and biscuits. Be in the moment and learn from them.
  • Walk slowly through a park, looking at the plats, listen to the wind blowing through the leafage or feel the scents of the flowers.

Do you have more examples, please share those as a comment or in social media with hashtags #challengeofthemonth #keepitsimple #strengthstairs.


  • Keep it simple, weave it into everyday life.
  • Do it together with someone.
  • Share thoughts, what feeds your success or what has been challenging either as a comment or in social media with hashtags #challengeofthemonth #keepitsimple #strengthstairs
  • Be satisfied with small changes in the beginning, more challenges will come.

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