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Use your senses for maximum mental recovery

At Strength Stairs we think recovery, especially mental, is important to manage the challenges we sometimes are impacted by and stress we are up against.

To recover efficiently it is essential to use our senses, especially since everyone do not have the knowledge nor experience to meditate.

The sea at Sensimar Resort in Khao Lak, Thailand

Listen to water

Some of the most relaxing things for our brain is the sound of waves or a rippling brock.

This IS known to us both of experience and research (here is an interesting post : ).

With this said, get out in mother nature and find yourself some water to relax your brain.

Trees at Sensimar Resort in Khao Lak, Thailand

Look at foliage

Research has also shown it helps recovery just residing in nature or a garden.

Just by sitting or walking through a park giving the foliage some extra attention slows down the brain and charges the mental batteries. So go find yourself a park to recover in.


  • Find your maximal recovery by letting your biology, your senses, help you.
  • Find some water and listen to it.
  • Find a tree of relaxation in a park somewhere close and look at its foliage moving in the wind.