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More about challenge of the month March 2020

Add a good thing to every meal, one thing is enough.

Strength stairs


Keep it simple.


  • Keeping it simple makes it easier to succeed.
  • Patience make the changes habits.


Challenge of the month March 2020 is about introducing a change, a new habit within nutrition, that should be easy to perform everyday. Feeling of satisfaction should last longer, pulse should go down (it is a type of recovery in this sense as well) and the change is preferably carried out together with colleagues, schoolmates, friends or family. The activities should feel good and energize both body and soul.

Target group

You who seldom feel a satisfaction, that the meals is over to fast and that you need to get started with better habits for a sustainable health.


Fantasy, playfulness and sometimes the wallet is the only thing that limits what kind of activities that can be introduced. Here is a couple of examples :

  • Before adding anything, add a vegetable and to your plate.
  • Sit down when you eat.
  • Put down the utensils and chew properly.
  • Talk with and listen to other people at the table.
  • Put away the cellphone and focus on your meal.
  • If you decided for a second portion, which can be needed every now and then, wait until everyone at the table seem finished with their respective portion.
  • Chew with your mouth closed.
  • Remember that there are diets like plate of food model that is scientifically tested. It is good with a little of everything from the groups fat, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. There are of course specific diets to follow that do not look lite the plate of food model.

Do you have more examples, please share those as a comment or in social media with hashtags #challengeofthemonth #keepitsimple #strengthstairs.


  • Keep it simple, weave it into every meal so it is sustainable over time.
  • Do it together with someone.
  • Share thoughts, what feeds your success or what has been challenging either as a comment or in social media with hashtags #challengeofthemonth #keepitsimple #strengthstairs
  • Be satisfied with small changes in the beginning, more challenges will come.

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