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Find a role model and compare you with yourself

Comparison is a thief of joy

Theodore Rosevelt

Comparing with others, how well they succeed and where you feel less successful or a bit behind, can take joy out the change.

Having a sound role model can however be strengthening. Also making sure that changes in exercise, nutrition and recovery is pleasure-filled and joyful since this is success factors in a sustainable health with a sound ego image, confidence and a strong self esteem.

Compare you with yourself

Just as the heading to this post says you should compare you with yourself, and if you really feel an urge to compare with others then pick people in the same level as you.

Find role models

Even if the message is to compare you with yourself, it is always good to have a role model. A role model with a good attitude to sustainable health, and a person that is easy to identify with.

Pleasure-filled and joyful

It should be fun to make changes, and fun it gets if you base it with yourself and make changes gradually. Even more fun it gets if you make changes together with others, to give support and to get psyched with.


  • Compare you with yourself
  • Find a role model
  • Do it together with others for support

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