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Park your shoulders and show the medal – good posture

When thinking about your posture and work actively to strengthening it, you will at the same time improve quality of life and your health!

Oddný Óskarsdóttir, (translation by Strength stairs)

Park your shoulders

The physical part to pull your scapula to a comfortable position so shoulders can sink down. We call it to park your shoulders.

This is an advantage for us in the day to day life, when we workout or when we exercise. It is also a strong position that

  • makes it easier to breath deeper and slower in our day to day life, it aids recovery and relaxation
  • makes it easier to fill the stomach and chest with air when creating intra-abdominal pressure for exercise.
  • reduce risk of damaging the vertebrae and joints by using the improved ergonomic position
  • reduce the risk of forward rotated neck, in turn reducing the risk of non specific neck pain or tension headache
  • helps us relax in the neck and face muscles so it is easier to smile.

Show the medal

The mental part of stretching out properly, with an athletic posture, we call showing the medal. Imagine the medal hanging on the chest when we stand on top the podium after a contest.

The feeling to show ones medal makes you radiate confidence. We also give a open impression which also can improve confidence.


  • Stretch out your body when you wake up, this will give you a good start of the day. .
  • Stand up or sit on a chair with back rest at work to exercise your muscles and teach your body to relax in an athletic posture.
  • Have a proud posture and show your medal to everyone.