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Improve exercise at home with household utensils

Keep it simple, stupid

Kelly Johnson,

Many people exercise at home because it is practical, cheap, time saving or of other reasons. Here is a household utensil that can improve your exercise at home.


Strength stairs favorite accessory both at home and at the gym.

The three exercises covers major muscle groups and they are positive (easy to accomplish) so everyone should manage to do them. If you do between 8-12 repetitions and three sets you should feel a bit tired afterwards.


Hold the broomstick horizontally, on the opposite side of a door frame, with both hands just inside the frame. Take a small step forward so the toes almost reach the doorstep and lean back so your arms is fully extended and start pulling and release like you were rowing.


With the arms stretched upwards, visualize a weight lifter with his/her arms in locked out position, and try to squat from this position. If and when you feel your upper body is tipping stop and move upwards again.

Bench press

Hold the broomstick horizontally and on the same side of the door frame as you are, hands placed inside the frame and in same level as the chest. Lean forward and bend your arm so the broomstick is pushed by hitting the door frame towards your chest. With your arm you can break actively so the broomstick moves gently towards and stops when the broomstick touch your chest. And just like in bench press you can stop for a second and then push out the broomstick to a fully stretched position for your arms and restart.


As you can see, with a household utensil you can improve your exercise and make it more accessible. This way you raise the chance of the exercise actually happen and this creates good preconditions for a sustainable health.

A broomstick, some stairs or something you can step up on and a chair or sofa is what you need to build both your muscles and home gym.

If you want more ideas how to grow your home gym with household utensils, contact us!