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Encourage good behavior

There is nothing better than the encouragement of a good friend

Katharine Butler Hathaway

Encouraging the good is a powerful tool for remembering what oneself or others have done good within exercise, nutrition or recovery. To some extent it can also strengthen self esteem, confidence and ego image.

The not so good will be there in some form so you just need to relate to that. This without diminishing, neglecting or aging about it. Work on the challenges and be happy with that it is what it is. As long as it is not harmful to anyone, the not so good behavior can just be there.

Encourage the good

The good in this context is something that empowers you or your surrounding to sustainable health.

So how do encourage the good? Here is three good suggestions:

  1. Gratitude for small and big things – such a simple thing as saying thank you if someone asks how you are doing. Or, for that matter, be grateful for that extra vegetable you put on the plate. The stairs you took instead of the elevator or the extra breaths you took when you were a little upset are more examples. Think a little and you will find much to be grateful for.
  2. Stimulate what you want to maintain – do you notice something in yourself, and others, that you see is good for sustainable health? Big and small, communicate about it, to the mirror or to someone near and dear.
  3. Encourage without reservation – suffice it to say “well done”. Supplements like “continue with it” are unnecessary because it can add pressure instead.

Relate to the lesser good

Relate to yours and the surrounding’s less good behaviors. As stated above, there will always be behaviors in yourself and others that are less beneficial to yours or theirs health or opportunities to achieve a sustainable health. Always be aware that this is there somewhere in the background and avoid putting a lot of energy into it.

There are, of course, less good behaviors that need professional assistance with therapies of various kinds. I am thinking more about the little things like waking up in the morning with the knowledge that the morning mood is swaying before the first cup of coffee, then you could perhaps wait with the social life? Or the candy pieces that always slip into the checkout at the Walmart/Aldi/Shoprite even though you know your blood sugar shows that you are dangerously close to the limit of diabetes.

Think a little about what less good behaviors you have, relate to them and work with them one by one. It will give some good results in the end.


  • Encourage big and small, as long as you believe it is good for a sustainable health.
  • Relate to the lesser good and reach out for professional help if everything seem impassable.
  • Take conscious steps with the things you can and want to work with on your own, and use your lesser good behavior.

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