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Together we will be more successful

The more we are together the merrier we’ll be

Irvin King

Many have written posts and lectured about different ways to raise the likelihood for success, we would like to remind about this words wisdom.

One of the single most important factors, whether it is lifestyle changes for better health or whether it is exercise changes to achieve better results, is to do it with someone. Then of course there are factors such as “have a plan”, “set goals”, “take the changes in small steps”, and we will discuss them sometime onward.

Why should you do lifestyle changes together with others?

Because we can all help each other when you have a less good day, for example, it can be nice to get some peppery and support from someone. In both co-operation and adversity it can be nice to have this friend, partner or group. Sharing thoughts and encouragement works just as well to give in both directions.

Such a simple thing as making a change with diet or exercise. Of course you should bring your family on a similar change if possible. It is more convenient to make a meal for everyone than one each. At last it is easier to get to the extra evening walk if you have someone to talk to in the meantime.

A shining star in showing the strength of being successful doing lifestyle changes together, and this without commenting the method as such, is Weight Watchers. Read for example more on this page:

Clearly the results can be better if the training is carried out with someone

Having a trainer or training partner who helps with training programs, support and coach during the more challenging training session can be the difference between a personal best and an interrupted workout.

Here is a good example why it can be good to work together with others, to get new perspectives on yourself in a more general way

Here is another example why a more sport specific coach could improve your situation:

Here is some insights about why support, professional in this case to, can be of advantage:


  • Involve and inform family, friends, colleagues and you will find people supporting and peppering during your journey
  • Exercise together with other to get the most out of the session.
  • Handle social health if you feel alone and remember that together also can be by email, social media, phone, video conference on top of meeting in person.
  • Encourage good behavior with others and together with other, great forces are set in motion.

If you want to discuss more, contact us!