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Short about the strength sport powerlifting

It is not hard to lift heavy weights, you just have to draw like hell.

Per Olsson, Strength stairs

What is powerlifting?

Powerlifting is a sport where you compete in three events: squat, bench press and dead lift. The events is carried out with a bar and you compete either with equipment (suits that assist in squatting, bench pressing and powerlift higher weight) or without equipment (often called classic or raw powerlifting).

Based on three attempts in each event, you sum up the highest weight you managed to squat, bench press and dead lift. Whether an attempt is successful is decided by judges, who look at the technique as such so that safe lifts are performed in a specific way.

What equipment is needed?

To start exercising powerlifting, in your home gym, you can start of with a broomstick (here you can read more about how use it) to practice the techniques and mobility.

You will notice quite soon that the broomstick needs to be replace by a bar so you challenge the muscles. You will will also need a squat stand, a heavy-duty floor to exercise on and a bench press stand to be able to exercise in a safe and correct way.

How do you get started?

To begin with we think you should read some more on the following pages before you start of your exercise at home, waiting for the gym to open:

If you are a member at a good gym it is reasonable that the instructors and coached there can show you the correct techniques, and how to exercise in a safe way.

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  • Start to exercise powerlifting, it is a good way to build a strong(er) body.
  • Use Strength stairs as you method to progress in your powerlifting.
  • Always exercise together with someone, just like all divers has a dive buddy so should all powerlifters have an exercise buddy.

Do you want to discuss more about powerlifting, contact us!