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Short about the strength sport olympic lifting

Drag the bar into motion from the floor, faint in below it and catch.

Lisette, Olympic Lifting School

What is Olympic lifting?

Olympic lifting, also called weight lifting, is a sport where you compete in two events: snatch and clean and jerk. Both events are performed with a barbell.

It means that you make three attempts in each event and then you sum up the highest weight you managed to snatch and clean and jerk. Whether a trial is successful is decided by judges, and the judges look at the technique as such so that safe lifting is performed in a specific way.

What equipment is needed?

To start training weightlifting, in your home gym, you can start with something as simple as a broomstick ( here you can read more about how it can be used) to practice the technique and mobility.

You will notice quite quickly that a broomstick needs to be replaced with a barbell so that the muscles get some challenge and progression plus that you will also need a heavy-duty floor to workout on.

How do you get started?

To begin with we think you should read the following page before you get started with your exercise at home and waiting for the gym to open:

If you re member in a good gym, it is reasonable that there are instructors and coaches who can show the different techniques so you exercise them in a safe way.


  • Start to exercise Olympic lifting, it is a good way to build a strong(er) body.
  • Use Strength stairs as you method to progress in your Olympic lifting.
  • Always exercise together with someone, just like all divers has a dive buddy so should all Olympic lifters have an exercise buddy.

Do you want to discuss more about Olympic lifting, contact us!