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Improve exercise at home with literature

Literature tells us exercise and recovery is good for us, making it even more important to use literature as a part of our exercise at home.

Per Olsson, Strength stairs

A follow-up on an earlier post about exercising at home

Many people exercise at home because it is practical, cheap, time saving or of other reasons. Here is a household utensil that can improve your exercise at home.


Books are a tool that not only contains specialist knowledge or fiction, they are excellent as aids both in the home and in the gym. The three exercises described are good for, for example, posture and breathing, and they are positive (easy variants) for everyone to manage.

We have also added a harder variant för a couple of the exercises, if it gets to easy.


Good posture is important for a sustainable healt, read more about it on .

A good exercise to practice posture some more is to put a book on the top of the head and balance it there in a couple of different circumstances.

  • Just stand with the book on your head and work actively with your balance to keep it there.
    • Advanced variant, squats
  • Go back and forth with the book on your head and try to keep the book on your head only with your balance and a good posture
    • Advanced variant, do dropout steps
  • When sitting in front of the TV or at the desk at work, have a book lying on your head to maintain a good posture.

Remember that the chest is going out, the stomach is going in and there should be a feeling that someone is trying to lift the upper body out of the hip by pulling the head straight up.

Deep squat

Some have problems squatting due to stiffness, the heels leave the floor as you squat and this is both uncomfortable and ends up in an unbalanced position. A good exercise to at least get down in deep squat, if you are healthy otherwise, is to put a book under your heels to aid the balance and position for a deeper squat.

What you do with a book under your heels is a slightly more comfortable angle for the legs and hips, making it easier to get down and maintain balance. Then, of course, you should train and stretch in a way that makes your heels stay in the floor when squatting, and there will be a blog post about it later.


Described more in detail in the blog post

Balance and focus

This is an exercise that is good for everyone and especially good for the elderly where balance is something that should be a natural part of all exercise. There are four steps to the highest level of difficulty, where focus and balance are put to the test and trained to a greater and greater degree.

  1. Stand relaxed with good posture and both feet in the floor, hold a book with both hands and be in the moment for a while.
  2. Lift one foot off the floor, stand for a while and balance. Change to the other foot and stand on that to for a while and balance.
  3. Return to the relaxed position with both hands in the floor, open the book in front of you and start reading it. Stand there and read for a while.
  4. As you read, lift one foot off the floor and balance. After a short while you can change your footing and balance, remember to keep reading all the time.

    How long a short time is, only you can decide for yourself. Start with 15-20 seconds and take conscious steps for longer and longer moments so that after a month or two you can stand for a few minutes in each position.

Follow the workout at home trend

Here is a good summary that Aim Workout compiled from a survey. An article that I think you should have a look at:

In that article you will see that it is a trend to workout more at home and it strengthens me in my idea that you should continue and increase that way of exercising. In my opinion this is also a way to democratize fitness and health industry.

On you can read up more about home workout trends.


With literature, those who are not too disabled or challenged can make exercise more accessible and increase the chance of exercise getting done. Exercise that is carried out improve to conditions to achieve a sustainable health .

A book can be good for training more than the brain and expanding vocabulary. It can also help you achieve, for example, better balance, posture, focus, breathing, hip mobility. Thus, there is every reason that one or a couple of books should take place as equipment in the home gym.

If you want more ideas how to grow your home gym with household utensils, contact us!