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Analyze health with measurements

BMI is a common measurement, still, representing the level of overweigth. That it tells us that a bodybulder is obease or that a person with high body fat level, which in worst case is abdominal obeasity, är something we need to keep in mind.

Per Olsson, Strength stairs

There are still online services, trainers and healthcare professionals that put a lot of faith in the measure of BMI. That belief has shifted to believing in BMI as part of a whole, where you also look at WHR (Waist-Hip-Ratio, the ratio between waist and hip), waist, weight, activity, diseases, age, gender, social health. Below I take a look at what you see in BMI, WHR, weight and waist measurements and why you need to see them as part of a whole rather than an absolute answer to how you feel.


Here is a common BMI calculation where you can fill in your measurements and get a value as well as an information what it means. It is a simple and powerful tool for getting a way to compare you with yourself or others over time. What BMI itself misses in this way is life situation, age, how active the person is, nutritional intake, diseases so take it as one of the parameters to get started with a measurement.


In recent years, the waist measurement and the relation to the hip measure have begun to be used more and more, to say that it is then possible to detect the dangerous abdominal obesity.


Weight is a measure of less value if you look at it alone. A weight of 200Ibs or 100Ibs says little about health because you have nothing weight with. However, along with the length for example, you can say more as shown above.

Waist measurement

Waist measurement is a good indicator of whether you have abdominal obesity, and remember that it is an indicator. To get the whole truth about abdominal obesity you may need to measure body fat and look at other things.


  • It is good to weigh different results together to get a holistic picture, the results themselves can be used individually over time for your own comparisons.
  • There is much more you can calculate, and then it is important to remember that these are just calculations.
  • Just as important as all the calculations above is how you perform / function in different situations, how you yourself feel that you are feeling, how you sleep and that you get the right kind of sleep, what you eat and how much measurement is one of several important parts that is needed to build a sustainable health.

Do you want to know or discuss more about measurements, feel free to contact me on contact us page!