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Tips for sustainable health when travelling

Lose some calories – win some time, stairs is behind the door.

Reminder to take the stairs instead of elevator at Hotel Amaranten in Stockholm

Everyone can, and should, considering the global goals set by the UN, affect their health in a sustainable way, even on business trips. Here are some tips along the way and can be kept simple.

Alla kan, och bör om man ser till de globala målen FN satt upp, påverka sin hälsa på ett hållbart sätt, även på tjänsteresor. Här är lite tips på vägen och det går att hålla enkelt.

Travel sustainable

Travel by train or climate-compensated flight to reduce climate impact or carbon footprint.

Find recovery

On the train, flight, train station or airport, there are often opportunities for both short and long hours of rest and recovery.

Create movement where it is possible

Exercise like going from the station to hotel, hotel to office or why not explore the place with an evening stroll? Check out the hotel, they may have stairs to go up / down a few extra times. Many hotels have gyms that work just fine for most people.

Se the meals as an experience for several senses

Explore, if possible, new places where all the senses can get their joy. Let the meal take time and be present. This means seeing what is served, taking in the scents that are spread and feeling what the taste buds tell you. Nutrition should be synonymous with pleasure.


Sleep is often a shortage of business trips, keep in mind that sleep is needed for a good balance and sustainable health.


  • Travel sustainable
  • Find recovery
  • Create movement where it is possible
  • See the meals as an experience for more senses
  • Sleep