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Use your feet in mindfulness training

Much indicates that brain and other body aging occurs more slowly if one exercises mindfulness. And mindfulness training not only adds years to life but also “life to the years”!

Ola Schenström, Mindfulnesscenter

Our feet are good for many purposes, and here is another area of ​​use. Mindfulness Training.

Mindfulness training

Mindfulness is about being present in the now. It is about letting your body focus on, for example, exercise. This focus on exercise can be said to make the body do what it is good at, simple or complex tasks that are done one at a time.

Use your feet

I assume that the first contacts with mindfulness are taken by you so body scanning and breathing anchors are somewhat familiar though perhaps challenging. Then you can make everything even a little easier and count the steps when you take a stroll or just walk across the floor at home. Also, focus on making three points feel that they have hit the ground: the heel, the outside of the pads and the big toe. This focus and counting will create a good presence that is exactly what we need from time to time for mental recovery in silence and during movement. A plus on this is the lesson of having found the three points in the foot that are themselves important for a good base in several strength sports.

On you can find a couple of simple exercises for mindfulness, in Swedish.–halsa/stresshantering-och-somn/mindfulness-i-vardagen—ovningar/