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More about challenge of the month June 2020

What you eat should look beautiful, it should smell wonderful and taste like heaven. It is about cooking for more senses and see nutrition as something larger than just a source of energy.

Per Olsson, Strength stairs


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  • Keeping it simple makes it easier to succeed.
  • If you use more senses the focus on the meal will improve, giving a deeper recovery.


We end the first half of 2020 with a challenge in nutrition, where we remind ourselves that the more senses we actually have contact with, the better the effect of the changes we make will have on our health. It is nothing strange really, we should be able to enjoy meals with at least the sight and scent in addition to the taste buds

This month is about seeing the food for what it is. Energy, building blocks and a pleasure for several senses. Energy and building blocks to recover and replenish with good things so that health is strengthened purely physically. Enjoyment for several senses to focus more on the meal itself and strengthen mental recovery in that way. In this way, we believe that you will have a better effect than before in how nutrition and meals affect your sustainable health .

You should have learned to think a little extra that the meals should preferably be colorful and beautiful, that several senses can be utilized in, for example, nutrition to make meals more enjoyable and that you need to spend time preparing the meals, eating and then reflect on them.

Feel free to download ideas from the nutrition page or nutrititious and energetic to find inspiration. The change is advantageously made together with colleagues, schoolmates, friends or family. The changes you make should be at a level so that it feels positive and it should motivate for more improvements and changes where possible.

Target group

You who feel that you want to get more out of your meals, and create your conditions to take more conscious steps for sustainable health.


There are many opportunities to improve meals, or really broaden the nutrition to provide something for multiple senses so your own health gets even better. It is important to set the level of ambition to be sustainable.

  • Use a plate of food model, it has been scientifically tested.
  • Explore the food stores’ often large supply and ask staff about what is in season, locally produced and organic.
  • Add new colors at the rate that feels good, so that you finally have or have had all the colors of the rainbow on the plate.
  • Dare to try new vegetables, fruits, legumes or whatever that may give several senses pleasure.
  • When you have cooked the food and put it on the plate, take a moment to look and smell the food before you start eating it.
  • Continue writing diary of what you eat and add information what was beautiful, smelled good, tasted good together so you can go back and tip yourself later.

Do you have more examples of simple activities to make your meals something for several senses, please share as a comment below or in social media with the hashtag #challengeofthemonth #registermore #strengthstairs.


  • Keep it simple, keep writing a diary in connection with a meal and it will become part of the activities and sustainable over time.
  • Be patient and reflect after a slightly longer period so what you possibly change is tested properly.
  • Share thoughts, what fuels your success or something that has been challenging as a comment below or in social media with the hashtag #challengeofthemonth #registermore #strengthstairs
  • Be happy with the little things in the beginning, there will be more challenges.

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