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What is your planning style

Changes planned ahead has a bigger chance of being successful. So look through this post and chose a planning style

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There are different styles of being successful with healthy changes, reaching sustainable health. Here is a couple of examples and a question about which planning style you have got.

Set smart goals as a planning style

Setting measurable goals, SMART 1, is a known method for setting goals, it is evidence based and my personal.

I will

  • lose 4kg in 6 weeks
  • reduce my waist measurement with 12 cm in 2 months
  • eat 2400kCal per day during 1 month
  • exercise 3 times a week during a year
  • walk 7 km below 1 hr
  • squat 100kg within a year

Set a direction

I will

  • lose weight before summer
  • eat better food
  • run
  • sleep better
  • exercise every week

Create a to do-list

I will

Do not plan at all

Here are no examples, of obvious reasons. I think it is a good idea to take inspiration from the first three planning styles above. The chance is bigger to reach your goals and wanted results with some planning, and as you can see it can be quite simple.

Sometimes it might be good to follow a gut feeling, if you have a planned life with working habits because then the boundaries are already set in your planning style.


Do you need help finding your planning style?

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