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Take responsibility for yourself

This is a followup post for Mind your own business and take care of yourself, twisting things around and discuss responsibility. Whose responsibility is it that you get a sustainable health, if you are well and of age? It is your responsibility and no one else. Others’ can motivate and support perhaps and you see that you do whatever needed.

I think that many people, including me from time to time through life, has deemed someone else as responsible for ones well being or fitness status. Sometimes, implicitly, we comment about the responsibility being someones not being oneself.

Common reasons for others all of a sudden being responsible

Here is a fraction of what I heard. I may have thought or said similar things myself

  • “The trainer was no good so it became a bad workout and I stopped attending these workout sessions”
  • “My parents never encouraged physical activity so that’s why I still feel this unmotivated”
  • “My friend did not want to go out for a walk, so I also stayed at home”
  • “You can not hold back on food or exercise more than usual because then it will be a damn nagging at work”
  • “My wife ate ice cream so I also had to do it”.

If you recognize these, or have more examples on where responsibility is pushed to others? Send us those as a comment on this post or through the page Contact us so we can discuss them further and tactics and strategies to handle them

Taking responsibility is an important start to reach sustainable health

For a successful journey to sustainable health, we should remind ourselves from time to time that we take responsibility for. The expression “Every is the architect of his own fortune” is something I think of every now and then, I say it to others as I think it is such a powerful expression in its meaning. We decide for ourselves and we also take responsibility for reaching where we want. Of course, there is obstacles of various kinds that slows down the progress, but in ourselves we decide according to the conditions that exist.

Remember to keep taking responsibility for yourself and to do the work for sustainable health. We all need the support, support and peppery from our surroundings to be truly successful ourselves and together.

Remember that even small wins are successful. A new and healthy habit in exercise such as taking an extra detour after work to move a bit more, adding an extra vegetable to the plate to improve your nutrition, take a short rest and just land after work every day as a recovery is successful.

Be the change

You change yourself and take responsibility and consequences for that, it is that simple. Så decide and be the change.


  • Think, every now and then, that you are the architect of your own fortune.
  • The only responsibility we have towards others is to support and be peppery
  • You will be more successful when you take responsibility of yourself!

Do you need support and peppery?

Feel free to contact me on Contact us