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Better immune system with breath

The nose is the first line of defense in our immune system, hence it is even more important to use it.

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The nose is a quirky thing and something you should use to help our immune system. in Hej lungor you can read about the essence of our breath and in Breath you can read more about how to breath efficiently.

So what is it in the nose, specifically then, that is good for the immune system? Three things really, the cilia that physically keeps things away and the ability of the nose to create nitric oxide which in itself can slow down the onset of certain viruses and then breathing through the nose can reduce stress levels in the body which is also positive for the immune system.

Cilia, first level of defence

Cilia and mucous membranes in the nose is something you can read more about in Så fungerar luftvägar och lungor, that they work as a first level of defense. The cilia catch bacteria and other debris and with assistance of mucous membranes this is moved to the throat.

Breathing through the nose do not lower the need of vaccines against virus disease, it is only an extra way to reduce number of virus reaching its targets.

Nitric oxide created in the nose, good for immune system

In the post Nitric Oxide and the Paranasal Sinuses it is well described how nitric oxide is created in the sinuses on inhale. The effect of nitric oxide and how it is affecting viral production is gone through in the post Dual effect of nitric oxide on SARS-CoV replication: Viral RNA production and palmitoylation of the S protein are affected. By reading these posts we can at least draw the conclusions that nitric oxide is created in the nose and that it is good for the immune system.

Breathing through the nose is relaxingAndning genom näsa

Read Your incredible nose and learn more about how fantastic the nose is, for example that we can reach immediate relaxation.. As we can read about in Stress, illness and the immune system the immune system is impacted positively.