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Better immune system with recovery

A short and oh so important reminder, recovery is essential regardless if you are active or inactive.

Per, Strength stairs

In the post Better immune system with exercise I write about the effects exercise has on immune system. With this post a want to stress the fact how important recovery between exercise sessions is and that it is important to recover after a hard day at work or school, a hectic day with the kids or whatever is draining the batteries.

Combination intensity over time need to guide the recovery

It is individual how intense and for how long, and that should guide the recovery. If you exercise with low intensity and during a short period of time to need less recovery than if you exercise with high intensity during a longer period, obvious perhaps and important to remind oneself about it.

To exemplify some more I created this principle diagram with intensity on the vertical scale and time on the horizontal scale where size of the circle is recovery time.

Chart by Visualizer


  • The harder (intense during longer period) you exercise the longer you need to recover to avoid worsening the immune system