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Find your optimal balance in life!

There is a lot we are expected to manage as adults, no doubt about that. Stop for a while, let go of the image of a perfect life and live with the fact that there will be road bumps in your journey. This will give you a bigger chance of reaching a sustainable health.

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Our balance in life can contain many things and it is multidimensional. We must balance food, exercise, recovery, sleep while juggling work, education, socializing with family, having a social life with friends, recharging the batteries. There is an optimal balance and it is the one that feels best where you are right now, it is perhaps a bit from perfect and it is the bit that we need to work with in the same way as everything else, with conscious steps so we get a sustainable health .

It can be a bit challenging as you can be dependent on others so be patient and start with the simple bits that you can influence. We start from what the balance looks like right now and then we look at what an optimal balance would have been, by optim I mean achievable and realistic, and how to think to cover the gap. Now you think “but if I make changes now, it will take a while and then I am in a different situation where the optimal balance looks different?” And in response to that, I say that is what is so amazing when we do good things that we learn all the time and constantly adjust to what the conditions look like. We are humans in a changing world so conditions will change.

In the examples below, I have added larger groups and divided them according to how much time per day it may take, so I would suggest that you do a similar setup. Every day will look different, the score here is an approximate distribution over time.

We have a current optimal balance in life and we have a desired optimal balance in life.

Current optimal balance in life

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Desired optimal balance in life

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Now that you see the differences in the current situation and the desired situation, it is time to start prioritizing and asking yourself some questions

  • What can I prioritize down, ie reduce the number of hours I spend?
    • So it is about changing the distribution a bit, it should still be pleasurable and feel good for you.
  • Will it be accepted that I down prioritize?
    • If it affects someone, for example the family, then it will be important that it is accepted and that it works for other family members. The group needs to continue to function even if your ego is boosted.
  • If I prioritize down, will it be sustainable?
    • Check with yourself if you reduce work or recovery / sleep, for example, what the consequences will be .
  • Is it realistic? Maybe it is possible to change one thing now and if it works over time, you can change one more thing?
  • Is it a positive change for you and the environment?

In my example, friends / social life is the piece of pie I want to get up, so I ask the above questions to be able to redistribute a little right now and then I have to adjust later. For example, it did not work with my employer that I reduced my time at work right now, the family thought it was ok that I took a moment from there instead every day when they also want to do something else than hang out with me and then I reduce a little on sleep because my need is not 9 hours every night.

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There is science if you want to delve into positive psychology and the thoughts of optimal balance

If you think that it looks different depending on where you are in life and that there will be road bumps from time to time that you will always be able to achieve optimal balance. The perfect balance, where the road is straight and where you live the perfect life, it will take more energy than it gives, something you can read more about in the article THE SCIENCE OF HAPPINESS

Since I personally think it is important that changes are positive for the individual as well as for the environment, I think you can take a look at Positive Psychology and the Science of Happiness where there is more about positive psychology and how to think.


  • Find the groups you want to divide the hours of the day into
  • Write down what it looks like today
  • Write down how you want it to look to be optimal
  • Prioritize together with those who are in your groups so it becomes sustainable and makes occasional changes from time to time instead of everything at once.
  • Finally, this is more of a discussion about finding an optimal, sustainable, balance in life than hours and groups themselves. To evoke thoughts of taking it from the perfect to the optimal

Contact me to discuss optimal balance in life and how that could and should look for you!