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Hitting the max or not, is that the question?

Some people want to row til the body says stop or put so much weights on the bar so the eyes get dim in a squat. Some people want to take a walk without goal, run a while because it feels good or lift weights for the social bit. We are all unique with different needs so hit the max is that is what you want and avoid it if that feels better.

Per, Strength stairs

You can ask yourself whether it is hitting the max or not that is the question, do we need to divide into camps? Depending on where you are in life, in training cycle or in general attitude, there are different needs for maxing out. Hitting your max is in some cases very good for getting a value gauge where you stand in your training and in some cases you should not feel any pressure at all because it hurts more than it does good.

Different needs

We have different needs, I believe we can all agree on that. So, let your need guide you in which path to go, and bear in mind that whatever you choose it shall be a part of your life puzzle and your sustainable health.

Hitting max is good

If you compete in a sport where you do a measurable performance of, for example, 100 meters sprint, bench press, rowing, cycling or swimming, it is a natural part of a exercise plan to occasionally test yourself with a maximum test. This to see how the body feels and behaves, if it is developing according to plan.

Feel no pressure

Something that I think is extremely important, regardless of whether it is “only” health that is your motivation. Could be that a personal record (or Swedish, European or world record) is what drives your willingness to exercise, however it need to be pleasurable.

First and foremost, make sure that it is fun to exercise, not so that you go and laugh all the time or pepper yourself and your surroundings, but so that over time and in general is fun. Ups and downs we all suffer from and it is obviously ok.



  • Feel no pressure, you decide over yourself and hitting max or not
  • We have different needs and different reasons to do what we do.
  • Hitting max is a good way gauge to measure status of your exercise or competition initiatives, where you perhaps are looking to break personal records.
    • The question you should ask yourself is whether the pursuit of hitting max stresses in a positive (motivating and developing) or negative way (demotivating and stagnating).

Contact me if you want to discuss more about how you should do with hitting max!