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Past was then, now is now and future comes…later

If you recognize yourself in “when I was younger then…” (old merits), “I should clean the sink” (being somewhere else) or “I really should, but…” (in the future). I think you should give yourself the gift of being here and now. It will be good for your sustainable health. I promise.

Per, Styrketrappan

Many, including me, sometimes find it difficult to be here and now. Whether I am just going to cook, exercise, sleep or recover. I train a lot on the ability to focus, be here and now. Here are some questions that you can think about for slightly different situations. I think you will see a pattern in the tools.

Why be here and now?

This is about the focus on exercise. You will be a little stronger, row or run a little faster , you will lift or pull more weights if you are present as presence means more power and energy on one thing, the exercise itself.

It is about the focus on the meal. You will feel that the food is tastier, more beautiful, smells better or is more fun to cook if you are present as presence means that all the senses are directed towards one thing, the food and the meal.

It is about the focus on recovery . You will be a little more rested and recovered if you are present as presence means that less energy is spent on changing tasks for the brain and body. All energy is put into one thing, recovery.

Old merits

Sometimes it is easy to use old merits, sigh a little and say “when I was younger, then…” when it is actually time for a change. You get something dreamy in your eyes and disappear for a while in a discussion about how it was before.

The important thing is that you have with you that merits are just merits. Good knowledge and experience to bring into the new. Nobody has said that you have to throw away what you have done.

Reflect on what you have done and think a little about what a positive meaning (look in the exercise bank at Find a positive meaning ) and the long-term benefit your merits have. Then look at what kind of change you want to make and think about which individual and conscious step with the same positive meaning and long-term for you can take here and now.

It is not really more difficult than that in theory, and it is fully feasible in practice to.

Somewhere else

A qualified guess here is that you women take a little more responsibility at home, even if we are on the right track in enlightened societies, and often lose focus because when there is a household chore that needs to be done.

Now, this post is not about gender equality as such, although it is important to achieve sustainable public health, everyone’s equal rights and opportunities, you know, so we will take that discussion another time … Later.

Just like with old merits, you need to look a little at what needs to and what must be done. Although you may be here and now, consciously present, a shorter time to get a positive meaning and long-term benefit for you self? Being here and now, in a workout, a moment of recovery or a moment of cooking is a gift that will hopefully give you that energy needed to have your other needs and needs met, right?

In the future

We are many who sometimes want fast results, or who feel a little comfortable now and then and think that we can make that salad, take that walk or rest later.

The important thing here is to find, again, a positive meaning and long-term benefit of doing something now instead of later because with then, hand on heart, many times people mean never .

It is perfectly ok now and then to let it be never so understand me right here, shame has never been a good driving force to make a positive change so make sure you every now and then let it be now for a week to see how it felt. It works for me to take conscious steps, be here and now and see the positive meaning and long-term benefit after that week has passed.


It is about seeing the positive meaning and long-term benefits of your changes as the fuel for wanting to make conscious changes for your sustainable health.

No one should have to be forced into changes here and now, it needs to come from within. However, everyone should have the same opportunities, thanks to finding a positive meaning and long-term benefit, to want to do so.

So have reasonable demands on yourself, and be happy with the changes you make and I think you will succeed really well in being here and now.