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From words to action in conscious steps

Many persons want to make large exercise investments after holidays like Christmas or summer vacation. With our help you can succeed!

Per, Strength stairs

Contact us to discuss this large training investment so we can discuss about splitting it up into several minor changes. Minor changes with goals that are practically feasible and achievable. Minor changes that turn into lasting habits and that together and over time give that result you expect.

Most people have probably been through periods in life when talking about a large training investment. That investment you have to make … later. Later, because time, desire, energy or opportunity was difficult to raise mentally, physically or socially. Later because it involves an expensive gym card, a lot of equipment, time away from loved ones or other interests.

It is the most important of the principles in Strength stairs exercise , to take the changes in conscious steps which we know are a bit challenging at the same time as it is a great chance to achieve whatever the goal / goals are with the change.

It is also important to be happy and grateful even if the results after that life-changing change that “everyone else” does wont appear according to plan. With a little patience we also get there and all life-changing changes rarely happen in a big step.