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We have added a chatbot!

Sustainable health, for me, is about mixing industries to create available and innovative services. Hence I setup a chatbot to cross-fertilize knowledge about health with artificiall intelligence. As an extra tool to find information.

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A chatbot based on the content on our site, mixed with artificial intelligence that interprets both what you write and our content, is useful. You can ask the same thing over and over again, our chatbot can perform simpler tasks such as calculating BMI or give simple advice on, for example, weight loss.

The chatbot is constantly learning

Be patient with the chatbot, it learns continuously both based on what you write and the information it is fed with (the site). Now in the beginning it is a bit square and even though it will continue to be a chatbot, it will hopefully be able to give a slightly better impression in a while.

To begin with it will be able to:

  • Answer questions based on frequently asked questions about all exercises available without logging in, in Workouts and courses
    • You can, for example, write “What is benchpress?” or “Which muscles is squat good for?”
  • Calculate BMI, a calculate found in Helpers
    • Write “Calculate BMI
  • Search the site
    • If the chatbot do not find the answer in Workouts and courses or Helpers it will search the site to try to figure out an answer to what you are asking about.

I will teach it to do the most that the site can tell, recommend programs based on your wishes (lose weight, become stronger or more enduring, lower blood pressure or disease conditions that can be found in eg FYSS) and most likely will I tune the intelligence behind so that it also retrieves information from external sites (information from open and verified sources of course) to give a more and more intelligent impression. Everything in due time, of course.

The chatbot is activated here and there

As you will notice if you surf around, the chatbot is activated on specific pages, and it is about showing approximately what it should be able to discuss with you and answer questions about.

Feel free to test here and comment below what you think a chatbot should do. Is it even necessary or can it add something to your health?


Observe, it is just a digital assistent!

A chatbot can only do what you say to it and I have told it to do simpler tasks so far, so of course it never replaces human contact even if the ambition is to make it as human like as possible. It is always important to have that ethics with you regarding artificial intelligence.