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Go to the park and grill for double effect!

My thoughts in a short post about that grilled food, preferably during a hike or excursion in nature, gives a double effect on my health thanks to me being relaxed and present during the grill at the same time as grilling food makes fat or bbq sauces flows down into the heat.

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Why grilling is better

Of course, in my case, it is about experimenting more with vegetables and that is what makes me eat healthier when I grill. At the same time, grilling has the effect that, if you eat meat or fish, the grill heat causes fat to heat up to liquid form and drizzle down in the heat. Which in itself does not have to mean dry food because high temperature closes pores on some types of food.

Now some probably say “but I drink my barbecue beer and have snacks in the meantime” and it may be so and it is up to everyone to make their choices. I can also eat snacks while grilling, as a part of being social with friends or just because I get so hungry during a grill dinner.

For me, grilling is about taking myself somewhere, so that I can move around, eat good and healthy food that I think that grilled food is. Sauces and other accessories can be solved with useful variations so that the whole meal itself will be good in the end.

It comes as a natural effect that if you, like me, experiment more with vegetables you will eat better and nutritious food.

Exercise, recovery and presence

Because I want to get somewhere, there will be some exercise, in the form of a swift walk or bike ride, there will be recovery and presence in the form of cooking. Cooking for me is being present and recover and let it take the time needed and then other less important things simply have to wait. The interaction with family around the food enhances the effect even more. All good things are three, you could say.

Keep it simple and try it yourself

It works just as well with a disposable grill as letting go of a slightly larger grill, it makes it accessible and many parks today have recycling for disposable grills. Then be a little creative and try to grill other things than usual so you can make it nutritious and practical choices.

If you can pack without bringing a cooler, it makes the whole experience a little easier to carry out. And of course, walk or use a bike to and from nature, turn out the fire and do some proper cleaning up after yourself so that you leave nature in the same condition as it was when you got there. Finally, do it together with others to enhance the experience one last snap.

Feel free to try it yourself and comment below on how it worked for you!