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AMR, RMR, BMR and reality

We can calculate a lot of things, how much energy we need at rest and during activity. This is good and something that can be used as a base when going from theoretic discussions to practical reality.

Per, Strength stairs

Three common ways to calculate and do a best guess of energy usage is AMR (usage during activity), BMR (usage at rest where all humans are expected to work the same) and RMR (usage at rest, like BMR and with some more parameters)


AMR is an estimation of the energy we need to be active, eg to live a normal life without any extra exercise on top of work- and normal life situations.

AMR according to Mifflin-St Jeor. and activity levels according to WHO


BMR is an estimation of the energy needed to keep the body running when we are awake, rested, digestion is inactive and we are in a surrounding environment that makes our body handle the temperature through dry heat loss (a bit technical).

BMR according to Mifflin-St Jeor.


RMR is an estimation of the energi needed to keep the body going, like BMR above, with the difference that the calculation is based on weight and how big part of the weight that is body fat. The thought is that the higher part is fat, the lower energy burning since fat use less energy than muscles.

RMR according to Katch-McArdle.


Although there are good ways to estimate or calculate energy consumption at different times, we are different as people (weight, body constitution, daily shape, temperature and so on), use the numbers as something to start from depending on whether you want to keep weight, lose weight or up in weight. Then it will be reality that decides, so be patient and make small changes from time to time depending on how it goes.

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