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Challenge of the month December 2020

To supplement and complete the ongoing changes, we add nutrition. This month it is more about giving you some tips how to get an even better effect from your training and exercise. And again, keep it simple and it will be sustainable!

Per Olsson, Styrketrappan


Hiit, heavy and light right


  • Keeping it simple makes it easier to succeed.
  • If you plan nutrition on a daily and weekly basis and in relation to exercise you will raise the probability of reaching your set goals.
  • It is easier to write a exercise, recovery and nutrition schedule.


Eating at the right times. Keep picking the goodies from your diary and create your best workout, recovery and nutrition schedule. Create the schedule, follow it, communicate it to your surroundings. It is good for your success if more people are aware of what you are doing for your sustainable health.

To learn when it may be better to eat a little more protein (meat, beans or whatever you choose) and carbohydrates (pasta, potatoes, rice and so on) depending on how and what you will or or have exercised .

Diary, keep writing so you can go back and learn lessons. It is good for your success if more people are aware of what you are doing for your sustainable health.

The change is made in the usual order, preferably together with colleagues, schoolmates, friends or family. The changes you make should be at a level so that it feels positive and it should help you stay motivated for more and other improvements and changes in future challenges.

Target group

You who feel that you want to create more structure in your life and who want to get more out of your exercise, recovery and nutrition, and create your conditions for taking more conscious steps for sustainable health.


Since the idea of the challenges is to reach breadth, we do not dive too deep into the science and biology behind, but depending on what and how you will or have exercised, there may be a point in eating more protein or more carbohydrates to improve the effect from your training or exercise.

Before exercise

If you will exercise more in the strength training domain, it is smart to eat a meal a couple of hours before so that you have a lot of energy for the workout. That meal may contain a little more protein so that you are prepared after the workout as the window for absorption of proteins comes quite close to the end of training.

If you are more into the cardio training domain, you can think about eating a meal a little more than a couple of hours before so that the digestion has time to process it slightly, and a little closer to the workout, you can eat some lighter form of carbohydrate-rich food such as fruit (banana for example).

After exercise

If it is more about strength training you exercised, it can be good to eat a little more protein (meat, beans, cottage cheese or whatever it may be) within half an hour after the workout as the body is extra good at absorbing protein. Remember that eating carbohydrates is necessary for the body to be able to absorb proteins.

If it is more in the form of cardio training, it can be good to eat most carbohydrates as those that were in muscles and in the blood are most likely used up and needs refill. (this is of course a bit more complex, so this short description is more for keeping it simple)

Share your thoughts and ideas

Do you have more examples that one can think of when timing nutrition? Please share as a comment below


  • Keep it simple, keep writing diary in connection with exercise, recovery and nutrition so it becomes part of those activities and sustainable over time.
  • Share thoughts, what drives your success or something that has been challenging as a comment below
  • Be happy with the little things in the beginning, there will be more challenges.

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