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Muse to the soul and kickstart of the day

A hot cup of java amongst friends is a muse to the soul and kickstart of the day.

Per Olsson

Being amongst friends is a muse to the soul

Having social association is scientifically proven to make us calmer and happier. So find and build relations with people you like and you will get an improved health and quality of life. This thanks to a hormone called Oxytocin.

It is also proven that relations is good mentally, physically and socially. It means someone reminding you about medicins or doctors appointments. It means someone to laugh, cry or just talk to. Last and not least it means someone to join you on the daily walk or exercise session with.

A hot cup of java is a kickstart of the day

Coffee kickstarts the day by breaking the uptake of Adenosine and activating stress hormone Cortisol

What you need to know is that in the morning we have our built in kickstarter in the form of Cortisol, this is extra active in the mornings to wake us up.

So, wait an hour or two to pour the first cup of java so the body gets to wake up and normalize a bit. The body starts creating Adenosine (swedish link). The coffee drinking is a bit more healthy since you give it a purpose more than being social with people. Also, think about drinking in reasonable volumes, two-three cups a day is enough and early in the day to avoid disturbance of the sleeping habits.

You can drink tea to get caffeine, the main difference in that regard is the levels being lower in tea.


  • Wait an hour or two after waking up before drinking the first cup, give the body a chance to wake up first.
  • Keep the intake around 2-3 cups a day, and early in the day. Then the body can break it down and sleep habits keeps undisturbed.
  • Drink coffee or tea together with someone under silence or a chat, this increases the happiness effect.