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The human need of contact for health

The personality, which is the driving force of history and the community, develops only through contact with another personality

Erik Gustaf Geijer, translated by Per, Strength stairs

Mental touch

People need different things where socializing and belonging is some of them. We need to talk and interact with other people to feel good.

Our belonging to others looks different through life. Should all relationships disappear, a result can be that we feel lonely and in that situation we need to change our behavioral patterns. You could say that we need to find our way back to a situation where we have relationships with others again.

The American social psychologist John T. Cacioppo has developed an action plan for how an individual can do to break their loneliness called EASE.
E : Extend yourself. Take the first step to contact by greeting, chatting and making eye contact with other people.
A : Action plan. Find out contexts where you can meet like-minded people and apply to them, such as a choir or association.
S : Selection. Choose who you want to be friends with and invest in this few.
E: Expect the best. Assume that people around you want you well.

Remember that relations should give energy. Also, seek professional help if the situation gets to challenging.

Physical touch

All forms of positive contact and friendly touch like hugs, sex, massage or other treatments trigger the production of oxytocin.

Kerstin Uvnäs Moberg, translated by Per, Strength stairs

We need physical contact. to release happiness hormones such as Oxytocin. Happiness hormone that keeps us healthy over time.

If we get regular physical contact, research has shown that:

  • wounds and injuries heal faster
  • heart rate drops
  • blood pressure drops
  • stress hormone levels drop
  • friendships strengthen

Read more about touch and Oxytocin at (in Swedish)


  • Hug someone, or sit next to a loved one and hold his/her hand for a while
  • Go for a wellness massage or tactile massage
  • Visit and chat with the neighbor, remember eye contact