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Write a diary on paper for improved result

We remember better and it is more fun to write a diary on paper, with a pen. We are more present since paper is notification free. For those reasons, for your exercise, emotion, recovery, sleep and food diary, I think you should stick to paper (recycled of course) for the first three to 6 months.

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I have a heart rate monitor, heart rate monitor for the cross trainer, a number of health apps in my mobile and tablet. However, I think that diary, periodically, beats modern technology with horse lengths if I look at presence, lust and I remember better what and where I wrote what I want to reuse.


It can certainly feel a little strange in the age of digitalisation, but one of my arguments is that I get a completely different presence when I write on a piece of paper. Nothing that attracts attention to the same extent as a computer / mobile screen. I am aware that there are of course arguments both for and against this, but my experience is that the presence is better with paper and pen.


If you read The Pen Is Mightier Than the Keyboard: Advantages of Longhand Over Laptop Note Taking or Better learning through handwriting, you can see that memory and learning are enhanced by using paper and pen, where there is a belief that it is the hand movements themselves which can help strengthen this. Something that will surely change through the coming millennia.


I have no research here, Letters of gratitude: Improving well-being through expressive writing is closest at hand because I am of the opinion that you should always write down feelings and positive meaning in what you have done.

Based solely on my own experience and my subjective opinion, it’s fun to write on a piece of paper and draw a little figure or crumb on the edge and this joy I want you to feel so forward with paper and pen and write and smudge!


  • Your presence and your memory of what you have written will be strengthened by using paper and pen.
  • In this month’s challenge for July and August, the improvement is about (continuing) writing a diary and reusing what you have written for future plans, try using paper and pen.
  • Make your diary fun-filled by being a little creative with the pen and drawing crumbs, figures or frames
  • All in all, I think your diary written with paper and pen will improve your results