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Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

With this, in some sense, lost year soon behind us and vaccine programs starting up globally I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year where we together continue the build of sustainable public health!

Per, styrketrappan

In last years Strength Stairs Christmas chronicle I had a quote from the mouse song by Alf Prøysen, a text that signifies Christmas for me (freely translated by me):

He-di-ho-ho, toodeladdeloo
A Merry Christmas season
That is good for me and you  

Time for recovery and togetherness in the way possible

Christmas and new year is a perfect time for recovert and togetherness. Many have worked hard, struggled with studies, work, searching for a job or leave of absence due to illness during this challenging year. This to get a working life and a functional family situation.

Many people work hard to make Christmas a perfect holiday. Here maybe everyone can ask themselves the question if everything has to be so perfect so the high expectations in themselves become a stressful moment? Let us help and share the burdens so that everyone can forget or at least lower the requirements and musts. Everyone just needs to be for a while. Sleep out where possible, maybe surprise everyone by sleeping or close your eyes a little on the sofa?

Remember to take time for reflection and recovery all year, so take this with you into the coming year. Everything to get a sustainable health.

Reflection and aforethought

The upcoming long weekend is a perfect time for reflection on what has gone well in the past year, it is also an opportunity to think about what matters. What went well can certainly be brought into next year to build on? I personally think that many of us have gained some new perspectives, perhaps changed a life priority?

What really matters, give it some thought and bring that feeling and that priority into next year. Good experiences and the important things in life are building blocks for good and sustainable physical, mental and social health free from excessive challenges.

I understand that there are situations where it becomes challenging to reflect on what has gone well. In those cases, family, friends and society play an important role as support and there I think it is important to have the courage to ask for help.

Food and drinks in excess

We eat and drink a lot during long and festive weekends, something that in itself can create stress and anxiety. Stress in both ourselves and our fellow human beings, and in some cases anxiety. How drunk mom, dad or any other important person in our lives will be or what the scale and/or measuring tape will say after the weekends. The simplest solution, and to some extent the most challenging since you can only change your own behavior, is to both drink and eat in moderation.

We usually control what goes into our mouths, and unfortunately there is everything from addiction to a culture of being a little too kind and saying yes even though the system is filled up. We are impacted by biology, emotions and culture, among other things, while I am sure that you will make wise choices in a safe environment.

Avoid stigmatization, it is already a stressful situation for many. Present a moderate amount of food on the table or in candy in the sweet bowls and do not make to much of it. If there is a concern about alcohol intake and what it can bring with it, it is always possible to have an AA Christmas, eg sober, which everyone survives.

Families and the children’s festive celebrations

Many people say that it is the children’s festive celebrations we are going into. We adults need to bare this with us and think the alcohol intake through. It is our responsibility to create a safe and fun environment for both the small ones and other grown ups.

Let us all see to that we create the most loving festive season for ourselves, our family and our community.

Strength stair in Gothenburgs new year resolutions

Our new years resolutions that we are certain to be reachable if you fill it with a how that fit your needs and life, use them freely for your sustainable health!

  1. Workout more and exercise smarter!
  2. Recover physically and mentally as needed!
  3. Cook more energetic and nutritious for all senses!
  4. Create space for more and better sleep!
  5. Be nicer and more positive towards ourselves and others!
  6. Breath more effective with both the nose and mouth!
  7. Use all strengths and encouragement to create a sustainable public health together!

If things get too hard

It is obvious that there can and will be occasions when things go wrong and here is a short Q&A with some suggestions about that.

Do you feel down/low/depressed or alone and need to come in contact with someone?

Reach out to a priest, imam, monk, nun or rabbi in. They often have good services to assist people in need of someone listen to them
Find a non-profit aid organization, today many of them are available online so you can chat with a fellow human.
If you have really dark thoughts, contact a psychotherapist to get some assistance.

Do you feel afraid and need to get in touch with support?

There are women’s shelters you can reach out to
If you do not have any place to stay at night, try to find a shelter to get some help
If children are abused or if they are living in unsafe circumstances, look at Child Helpline International to find your local helpline and reach out to them.

Is anyone life in life threatening situation?

Call the emergency number, 911 OR 112


  • Drink in moderation if it even needs to be a feature. Keep in mind that there may be people in your community or family that needs as intoxication-free a weekend as possible to feel good.
  • Take a walk, it weighs up some of the candy/food and the good mood is maintained.
  • Change your own behavior and show confidence that others are able to change and control their behavior. Never force anyone to change, change comes from within.
  • Take care of yourself and others, be a little extra loving and tolerant.

I am aware of that there are other cultures, religions, calendars and reasons for celebrating of other reasons and at other occasions so read this with an open mind and apply the good pieces to your own life and beliefs.

Once again, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year