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HIIT needs to be supplemented

HIIT is popular, and it has been shown in research and the experience of the general public, and it develops versatile athletes. What many HIIT advocates forget, I think, is the knowledge to let things take time to reduce our stress and increase our long-term endurance and that HIIT does not suit everyone for objective or subjective reasons.

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I love HIIT, I think it is good to have as one of all tools and alternatives when time has almost run out and I need to sweat for a while. At the same time, I love the options that may take time, be it a stretching session, yoga or walking meditation.

I am fully aware that stress resistance improves with HIIT as well, although the stress load can be high during the activity/activities.

HIIT is good, you should try it!

There are a plethora of tests and comparisons, purely physical, where researchers and scientists have seen that a fraction of the training time is needed for the same results with HIIT as with “old-fashioned” training. Instead of posting links to scientific reports, feel free to search online and I promise you will find evidence of the effectiveness of HIIT.

At many of the HIIT training facilities, it is a huge community active, just as important to sustain and endure a training effort.

HIIT do not fit everyone!

High-intensity training does not suit everyone, I think. Here are some of the reasons

Objective reasons

  • If you are already stressed and putting on even more stress, which means training high-intensity, it can tip you over the edge to get problematic instead of sustainable health
  • There is a higher risk of injury to joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments that need time to get used to the load
  • If it is blood pressure you want to lower, you most likely need and at least combine with low-intensity exercise so that the blood vessels and brain also get the relaxation needed for sustainable health.

Subjective reasons

  • The HIIT culture can sometimes be seen as provocative and personal best-striving, not everyone is a competitive person.


  • HIIT is a tool for sustainable health, there are other tools that are good with.
  • Try HIIT if it works both objectively and subjectively for you, as long as you do it for your own sake.
  • For HIIT to work fully, you need to supplement with low-intensity exercise and recovery.