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The best principle for a better meal!

Principles beat rules every day of the week, this together with the strategy of building a good meal culture with Styrketrappan as a method is the best way to sustainable health.

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You have heard it before, I am sure. Eat more green! So, then the pink elephant in the room was revealed out once again. I am pretty sure you have also heard that you should eat locally grown/produced and according to the season. Be extra happy if you see all the colors of the rainbow on the plate, provided that it is possible and that you can see colors of course.

Start with the distribution principle, the simplest, and fill half the plate with what you find when exploring the vegetable counter. Ignore that it should be a certain volume or weight, a certain number of calories without having the simple principle as a strategy for building your healthy meal culture that will also be sustainable for both you, society and the environment if you also aim for locally grown/produced from organic suppliers.

On our page about Nutrition , you can read more about the five principles included in Styrketrappan’s method for healthy nutrition.