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What is the best thing that happened?

Instead of asking the next person you meet how it is or how they feel, ask what is the best thing that has happened since last time and when they answered that, you follow up with “And how does it make you feel?”. There is a good chance that both you and the other person will have a better continuation of the day.

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There is something exciting called Appreciative Inquiry.

It is about getting other people to get other people involved in self-determined change. It may sound a bit academic, so if I write to find a positive way to get in touch and closeness with other people in order to get them involved in changes, I hope it is easier to absorb. It is a method created and taught in leadership courses and programs at Case Western Reserve University (there is a good basic course at for further information.

Used in our coaching

Together with the science behind positive psychology, the art of questioning forms the basis of our coaching. We are sure that if you find a positive meaning and long-term benefit with all the changes, whether it is exercising more, eating even better, improving both physical and mental recovery, the changes will turn into habits and become a natural part of your life. .

Try it yourself

It is pretty easy to get started in your own everyday life. Instead of asking your people how they feel, try to find new ways to ask so you evoke positive thoughts, for example by asking “What is the best thing that has happened to you today?” and follow up with “How does it make you feel?”


Appreciative inquiry and positive psychology (more info in We need positive and negative emotions) is about to relate to negative emotions being present and that they are needed for survival and interpersonal communication and then work with and raise the ratio of positive emotions. That way changes will be more pleasant and this also strengthens our sustainable health.