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Pleasurable life for sustainable health!

Joy, lust, playfulness and love. That is the ingredients I use to make my day to day life a bit more pleasurable. Here are some examples on how you to can make your life more joyful!

Per, styrketrappan

For something to be sustainable, there needs to be a driving force or traction. Positive emotions and a positive attitude towards life are one of the strongest examples I can find. If there is something you need that makes us a little happier, it will be easier to proceed and persevere.

Do something that gives something

The easiest way to explain this by doing pleasurable things is to do something that gives something back. Something where the activity or rather the feeling in connection with the activity feels like a reward.

What you can do that is pleasurable

It is of course very subjective what is pleasurable for you. At the same time, I’m sure that if you try any of the following, your life will be more joyful. Here are some areas that you can look at.

Play as excercise

Play with children and as a child you will be tired and probably happy, because it will contain a lot of laughter together, creativity and sometimes even physically challenging activities. A child can do things that are both unexpected, they are more mobile than many of us adults and they have an energy that never seems to run out. See suggestions in the list next to what you could do. Depending on the game, you will be able to mentally train yourself to take on a role you are above, physically with coordination, endurance and strength because it can be anything from crawling around, standing completely still on one leg, playing football or riding a slide once on walk.

To be clear, keep in mind that it should be your children or children where you know the parents and it should be on the child’s terms as long as it is pleasurable and low risk.

  • Asking a child what to do is the absolute best suggestion.
  • Play hide and seek
  • Tea time
  • Climb trees
  • Play in a playground with swings and different types of slides

Playful cooking

Cook according to recipes and with some emotion. Avoid wasting food by hitting a pie in the face of someone or starting a food war, even though it can be fun in the world of film.

Just cooking with some emotion is what is playful here. A recipe is someone’s basic idea and after testing in the kitchen and according to that person’s taste and liking. Then it is your taste and taste that the recipe should suit and your ingredients may taste a little different, so be a brave and start from the recipe and use your senses to increase / decrease amounts, weights and volumes so that you feel that it is your meal.

See some examples of what you can do to play a little. And keep in mind that depending of types of recipes it could be difficult to change as they are tested so that the ingredients technically work together to get a sensible end result.

  • Make it more colorful, some ingredients are available in different colors with similar flavors
  • On with the spices and herbs that suit you,
  • Change ingredients to suit your taste buds or your belief in what is good

Presence and closeness in relationes

Listen without becoming a garbage can for anyone. Confirm what is said, sometimes it is enough to just be quiet. That said, you are not a trash can so there are limits to what you can tolerate in terms of your listening. If you feel that the relationship is strong, practice making the relationship even a little better through examples of active listening. Show that you see other people. If it feels unaffordable to bring joy into a relationship, contact healthcare for professional help.

Be loving towards yourself and others’, something you can exercise with

Laugh a lot

A good laugh prolongs life, which you can read more about in the reports Laughter prescription, The Laughter Prescription or Laugh Lots, Live Longer. We can improve women’s breast milk so eczema can heal better in children, our blood pressure drops when we laugh, the secretion of stress hormone decreases. So, try to find more humor and laughter in life without losing the seriousness that has its time and place. See examples in the list next to what you could come up with to bring more humor and laughter into life.

  • Read a fun paper or book
  • Watch a movie you know makes you laugh
  • Fake laugh until it transform into real laughter.


All generations should hang out wherever possible, I think. We can learn something from everyone and share with each other for a higher quality of life and a sustainable health .

Of course, you who are already undergoing treatment for, for example, depression or depression should continue with it. My post aims more to fill an already somewhat healthy life with more joy. Of course, I want everyone, regardless of health status, to take part in the examples.

Do you have more examples of making things a bit more fun, please share it as a comment!