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Challenge of the month March 2021

Be patient and let us build on the February challenge with a nutritional change for body and soul. Keep it on a reasonable level and you will find that there are always time for a more nutritious and food with better sources of energy!

strength stairs

This is what we want for you to takeaway after this month

  • Ideas on how you can eat more nutritious and more tasty for several senses without putting extra efforts into this.
  • One or more improved habits.
  • A more alert body and soul, by getting more color, taste and aroma into your kitchen.

Quick questions and answers to get started


Once a day, think about the following
Aroma- cook a meal that you think smell well
Vision – Eat a rainbow, try to find some new colors to put on your plate.
Taste – Use your spices and herbs, and think about the entire meal, to make it as tasty as you can.
Brain – Exercise in finding positive meaning, aim for one event.
Social – Cook together with others and pepper each other.


You will get a sustainable health.
Science and the broad mass experience shows that the meal is improved the more sense you involve.


Work with one meal per day, giving it some extra love and effort.
Do this every day for a month to start with.


Shop for colors, there are many colorful vegetables and fruits, and match the ones you think fits.
Try some herbs or spices that you think adds some scent, a beautiful color or a good taste.
Find positive meaning in a good or not so good experience.


In the kitchen.


For you who want a sustainable health.
Young and old, fit or not so fit, mobile or not so mobile.
This is meant for anyone.

More details about this challenge

What do you need to do?

Put your senses to work and keep it simple!

Scent and smell, let your nose work

Once a day, make a meal that you think smell good, you know that kind of smell that takes you places or brings out a positive emotion.

Vision, give the eyes something to feast on

Eat the color of the rainbow, try to find some new colors to add to what you normally eat. Eating many colors actually raise the chance of you getting a wide variation of fibers and nutrients.

Taste, remember balance

Spice up the food and exercise your taste buds. Taste during cooking. Try to balance it up so you can feel some salt, some sweet and some sour(to freshen things up like some lemon or something like that)

Exercise the brain

Exercise in finding positive meaning in one event per day.

Be social

Do your activities together with others. We have learned through this pandemic that we can meet in all sorts of ways. We can meet through phone, chat, video or in real life with a sound distance. So gather colleagues, school mates, friends or family and relatives you enjoy to make this more fun for all.


Get a sustainable health with a good balance in life and effort that work over time. Read more on Healthier nutrition.

Create routines för sustainable habits

Select the meal that fit you best so you get it into your daily routine for a month to begin with. Sooner than later this will be a habit.

Target group

You who feel a need to improve your nutrition in a sustainable way.


Here is a list of links with some more info to inspire:


  • You can eat more nutritious and more tasty for several senses without putting extra time and energy into it.
  • Be patient and just do, vips you have created one or more habits.
  • You become more alert in both body and bud when you get more color, taste and aroma into your kitchen.
  • Keep it simple, weave more green into everyday life, it will be sustainable over time.
  • Share thoughts and food with others, give and receive pepper!
  • And you, do one thing at a time!