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Change comes from within, you decide!

Decide yourself about the changes you need to do and take responsibility for it. If you use appreciative inquiry, positive emotions and current strengths you have a winning concept!


This post is a sequel to the article Change comes from within , with a little more thoughts about the importance of you deciding on your change and taking responsibility for yourself. Some obvious things that I like to remind.

I am sure you who read this have also put some or all of the products on monthly passes at the gym or get-in-shape courses of various kinds.

What is your need and what do you want?

I think a couple of important questions to ask yourself are “ what is my need? ” and “ what do I want? “. If you answer those questions, the choice of gym card or get-in-shape course will be easy, where I think you will be able to get started without paying for it so that once you are up and running you can do even wiser choice around gym or get-in-shape course.

I think it is important that you know and insert your needs and what you want to develop and broad mass experience is that successful change comes from within, I found change should preferably be free and if we use our strengths it will be easier to take responsibility.

Change comes from within

You change yourself! Point. A change that you influence, plan and control, to some extent at least, will always strike a change that emerges like a flash from clear sky from someone else.

When change comes from within, your own motivation will also become stronger and it will suddenly be a little more exciting to get from one place to another. It can be a behavior that needs to change, a habit that needs to be created, a strength that needs to be improved. Everything becomes a little easier if you are involved in it from the beginning, you could say.

Decide for yourself, always

Coercion and the need have never been success factors, when you are the smith of your own success and decide over yourself, the probability increases that you will succeed in whatever you do.

Others can give you support, so take advantage of it and decide for yourself how you use the support. That way, you are still independent of others and can feel proud that you can do things on your own. You also build your self-confidence and self-esteem when you take power and implement changes you decide.

Use your strengths and take responsibility for what you do

You have different strengths , you just have to find them and use them. Then it will be easier to take responsibility with. So ask yourself the simple question “What works?” and work on it.

Of course there will be obstacles and then you can fill the knowledge bank with some thoughts from WOOP, which is really about having a plan when the obstacles appear. So it is good to ask yourself the question “What is the plan if an obstacle appears?” and if you know from the beginning what obstacles may arise, you can have a mental solution to it. It could be

  • Obstacle = insufficient time, solution = lower the requirements slightly
  • Obstacle = gym card year out, solution = train outdoors or at home
  • Obstacle = food is boring, solution = cook together with others / take a course in cooking for inspiration
  • Obstacles = goals feel far away and it lowers my mood, solution = it is good with long-term goals, break it down to less achievable / smart milestones

Test yourself

For a week, scratch the surface of both the principles and process of the art of questioning:

  • Replace all “but” with “and”. Then you give a softer, nicer and more reasonable message and you lead the conversation in a positive direction.
  • Reflect on what your strengths are, write them down on a piece of paper and show yourself appreciation for it.
  • Think about one or a couple of obstacles and how you will handle them, write down on a piece of paper and show yourself appreciation for both anticipating the obstacles and having a handle on them.

What did you think was best about this test? Feel free to comment below


My strong belief is that all change comes from within. If you need a change to strengthen your health in a sustainable way, it is your own will that makes it feasible. This is exactly how it should be, that it is the individual’s will to change that sets mountains. If you then decide on the whole thing, and take the support of others, you will become the smith of your own success.