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Three “quicks” about habits

All good things are three, here are my thoughts about habits


1. You will always have both sound and not so sound habits, accept that

We human have habits and behaviors that can be both sound and not so sound, that fact is just to accept without judging.

Nobody is perfect and what we can do is being happy for our sound habits. Then it is up to you how you want to handle the not so sound habits, if they do not hurt anyone and are harmless for you and others then it is perhaps nothing you should your energy in trying to change.

2. You can change habits, do it in reachable steps and goals

When you change a habit, it is a strength when you yourself have an active thought and think that Change comes from within, you decide! It is also important that you have Patience for sustainable health , changing a habit can take 6-8 weeks in good cases to implement (read more about this in Making health habitual: the psychology of ‘habit-formation’ and general practice)

To create a new habit, you need to start a behavior that you do consciously every day to learn so that it eventually becomes a habit, an automatic behavior without much effort, you could say. You can read more about it in Breaking ‘bad habits’: a dynamic perspective on habit formation and change, although the name of that report may be a little misleading with regard to the headline.

3. Find your motivation to create new habits

What makes you want to take care of yourself to feel as good as possible?

  • Is it to cope with everyday chores?
  • Traveling with friends?
  • Spending time with the grandchildren?
  • Going out in nature or just going out and walking with someone?
  • To feel that the clothes fit better
  • Lose weight or gain weight

These are mere examples, there are obviously lots more that can motivate you-

What do you think?

What is your top three about habits? Comment below!