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Housekeeping for a cleaner home and stronger core

You can get stronger with everyday exercise, if that is what there is room for in your life. Why not clean up to beat two flies in one blow with a cleaner home and a stronger core as a result? You will get more parts of your body trained as a bonus.


Core stability important for performance and health

The core, the barrel that is limited by the abdominal muscles on the front and by the back muscles on the back with the pelvic floor as a base, is the center of the body, you could say. The muscles around the torso have several functions but are especially important for us to maintain a good posture and to relieve the back and pelvis during movements where you have legs and / or arms in strenuous positions (bench press, deadlift, squats, shocks and jerks are good examples from the gym and lifting the kids or things are good examples from life)

Vacuum in a heavier way

What I mean by the right way to make it a little harder than it is meant for you to train the sex pack, the legs, some balance and your general posture. Now all vacuum cleaner manufacturers want you to work as ergonomically as possible, so here you can use the equipment in a different way than intended to get a good strength training. Here are some examples of what to do:

  • Vacuum carpets by pushing the shaft forward with the left and right hand, respectively, in order to train the arms, a little chest and stabilizing muscles in the torso (which then holds up so that the upper body stays as still as possible)
  • Vacuum under furniture by squatting to exercise the legs, mobility in the hip and upper body and general endurance and strength in the core.
  • Vacuum on things by stretching as far as you can, standing on your toes to reach, then you train your feet, calves and balance.

Wet swabbing for rotational muscles

A strong core means that you are strong in different planes, you should be strong forwards / backwards, side / side and when the upper body rotates clockwise and counterclockwise. If you soak the floors, it is an excellent activation of muscles that rotate the upper body.

Here are some ideas what you can do:

  • Hopefully you have a bucket that you can dip the swab in, and a grid to turn out of the water, then train your forearms properly by emptying the swab of water at regular intervals.
  • Water in the mop creates a little weight and a good friction against the floor for extra resistance so then you can pull the mop from side to side while you go backwards and thus train the side muscles in the abdomen actively and the other core muscles get an isometric (still under tension ) feature.
  • If you have some music in the background, if you think that the hip is still and only the upper body can move in one of your most personal dances, you will be really tired in the whole core after a while.
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Bonus, shake those carpets

Of course you should have another bonus for a stronger body. Adapt this exercise to how big. heavy and above all fragile mat you choose to train with. Also keep in mind that a rug can be an excellent whip that can give you or someone else a real bang.

I believe and hope that you have shaken a rug, otherwise a very simple instruction is to take a proper shoulder-width grip on the mat, upper or forearm grip, you decide. and then shake the mat in long movements in front of you where you, like a skier who stakes, get the power from the hip and stomach out into the arms and through the mat. Every little grain of dust, hair or leftover food should come out of the mat, you can have as a goal and you will be able to train with your whole body here.

Test this with a small carpet first.


Cleaning is good for physical health 1 and a clean home strengthens the mental health2.

Clean a bit more active and be creative with how you can make it a bit more challenging. If you have some energy left after your cleaning session, go to some stairs and walk up it to get some pulse.

If you need more ideas for your exercise at home, contact me at or leave a comment below.

Finish your session with some love to your flowers (if you have that) and your health could improve even more 3