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Find your starting point

First period of 2022 changes is about finding your current status, your goals and what you see in front of you when the year has passed. Something to have a direction.


Take a deep breath and decide!

We soft start after the major holidays, so take a deep breath and decide it is time. You will receive support in the form of principles, happy shouts and achievable health benefits during the year.

You who want a more sustainable health can continue reading and if you want to improve performance you can jump to the Improved performance section!

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Sustainable health!

An apple a day keep the doctor away they say. To me the apple symbolize health and a tasty pie at special occasions.

It is a continuous process

A lifestyle change is always a moving target, we are human and we need to adapt and as the days go by as the conditions around us change, our private goals change from time to time.

Whether it is about health or an achievement that needs to find a challenging enough level to develop without breaking down. Then it is always you who decides what is challenging, regardless of whether it is about walking a lap around the block or stopping eating sweets on Mondays or sprinting a mile in 40 minutes or taking 100kg in bench-press.

Here are the steps you will go through before we get started, the equipment you need is pen and paper (read up on reasons why in Write a diary on paper for improved result ).

Time needed: 365 days

To implement a change, it is good to prepare yourself mentally, because it is you who must decide and live the life you want to live.

  1. Stop and write down what works

    This step is about describing when you are successful in different ways. your strengths and your periods when you handled things in a really great way.
    So, reflect and write down past successes, your strengths and periods when you have handled things excellently.

    Time to brag a little, you could say, put yourself in the spotlight and describe when you have ended up in a positive flow!

    Reference Discover in AI and Flow Theory.

  2. Travel into the future and answer two questions

    This step is about you producing your dream or ideal self without limitations and where everything went as you wished.
    So, travel a year ahead and answer the questions “How do I feel?” and “What do I look like?” where you freely write answers down on a piece of paper.

    Reference Dream in AI andWish & Outcome in WOOP

  3. Get concrete

    This step is about developing what you need to do during the year to reach your ideal self as you described in the previous step.
    This is where you will get principles and SMART goals from me every period to create gradual health victories during the year and then you should think big about what you are willing to do, what interests you have that you want to develop and immerse yourself in.
    So, answer the questions “What time can I create for myself every day, week and month?”, “What interest in sustainable health do I want to develop and immerse myself in?”

    Reference Design in AI and Obstacle in WOOP

  4. Prepare for setbacks

    This step is about being honest with yourself and realizing that sometimes things go wrong, that is what makes us human, and then it can be good that you are prepared with solutions.
    So, answer the question “What is holding me back from reaching my ideal self, what obstacles are there?” and for every obstacle you write (if you have several obstacles that could arise) I want you to write down an “if-then-plan” with an action you can take or a thought you can think of to overcome the obstacle.

    Reference Obstacle & Plan in WOOP

  5. Implementation in a good way

    A change must be implemented and embedded in your daily life, you create routines and habits over time and in this way you will have a more sustainable health.

    This part is to start soon, keep an eye out on Blog

    Reference Deliver/Destiny in AI

Let’s go, for sustainable health!

You should have found at least one direction to make your health more sustainable, during the year you will get principles and we create goals of various kinds to take steps along the way. If you need more support in this is the trip, you can contact me via Contact with your questions.

white and brown concrete house

Improved performance!

Prize podium is my chosen symbol for competition and achievement,
regardless of who or how many take part in the battle for first place.
Here you compete against yourself.

Planned on several levels for continuous development

For improved performance, I assume that you train actively today. You will have to plan training, nutrition, recovery and sleep, carry out tests and of course you will have moments completely without performance requirements where you just do something completely different pleasurable.

Here are the questions you will need to answer before we get started, and just like for the Sustainable Health track, you will also be able to use paper and pencil for these questions.

What are your goals?

Regardless of whether it is a specific exercise or a sport you want to perform in, there are three levels of measurable goals, you could say
Process goals – Focuses on the specific tasks (eg technology, execution, such as taking focus on taking direction out of a control). These are often linked to behaviors that are desirable for better performance
Performance goals – Focuses on one’s own performance (for example, a better mileage time or increased proportion of nailed controls). You reach a specific level, may be that you reach a height, height, weight, time.
Result goals – Focuses on results in comparison with others (for example, winning a medal). The last level, when you compete with others and reach a result or place in a competition-like context.

So, think a little about what it is you want to achieve in, your goal, and what level of goal you intend to achieve. It is perfectly possible to mix goals within different levels.

Qualitative and subjective goals can be as valuable as quantitative, objective and measurable goals

What are your needs?

Your needs need to be balanced against the goals you have for sustainable health, to avoid injuries, lost results and lost motivation to continue.
An excellent example is that you may have a goal to achieve a challenging result and that in itself can mean a larger dose of training as the recovery you have time for, which in itself can increase the risk of injury problems.
Another example where there is a contradiction between goals and needs is if you have a high-level goal and you need knowledge. support. equipment or environment that is remote to meet for various reasons.

So, think about your needs in relation to the goals so that the conditions exist for you to achieve the goals at the same time if you maintain sustainable health. The most common is that you need to recover in relation to your activity, eat healthy to give the body the nutrition, energy and building blocks you need during your year and of course there is proper sleep.

Needs can be physical, psychological, social to achieve health according to the WHO, some researchers also look at cultural and spiritual as part of our health.

What are you doing today?

Here comes an important prerequisite for performing better. To have something to start from.

So, write down what you are training today in the groups strength, mobility, coordination, endurance, speed.
What you use for tests and analyzes to keep track of the development curve is good to write down.
Finish by writing down what you have for recovery routines mentally and physically, what sleep habits you have and of course what you eat if it is a specific diet and a certain amount.

For you already diary, it is enough to have as a starting point.

Are you being realistic?

An important question to answer, some results are relatively easy to achieve and so it should be, while the purpose is higher than that to achieve an achievement over time.
It takes time to build new or different routines and habits, ranging from a couple of weeks up to a year or two. A eating habit can be relatively easy to change while a habit of lifting really heavy, running faster and longer or jumping higher can take a long time.
Is the opportunity in your everyday life

So, write down what support, knowledge and time you have to implement what is needed to achieve your goals.

Patience is an important ability to make your training sustainable, just as important as carrying out your training with others.

Do you think this is going to be fun?

Just as it is important to have goals and challenges, part of a change should be to find desire and have fun on the journey.

So, write down something about what will be fun and enjoyable with your journey to improved performance.

Seeing a positive meaning is important to keep the motivation and mood up, it can give a different perspective in the event of adversity.

Let’s go, for improved performance!

You will get principles and a periodization to fill with content based on your answers, where the purpose will be to challenge and develop you while there will be a natural brake in the program for you to stay whole and healthy, I hope.

It is good to celebrate even the smallest successes, or for that matter be happy that the trend remains with stable results, so we will also look at some of it to keep you motivated.

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Read more

If you want to immerse yourself in the different areas you will go through during the year, you have some theme pages

You also have some calculators on The lab that can be helpful.

Contact me if need be

If you need support in this is the trip, you can contact me via Contact us with your questions to discuss the changes.