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Have a cold? Here is some tips for your recovery

Having a cold is boring and a possibility to slow down.


Avoiding a cold?

Well, science seem to agree on that you cannot avoid it entirely or cure it with anything else than our immune system1 och 4 .

Handle a cold!

My top five to ease a cold and its symptoms is

  1. Live a sound lifestyle! Se to that you have a balance with physical activity of your choice, food according to a plate model, recovery after exercising and working and last and not least get your sleep!
  2. Drink much, warm or cold after your preference! I helps the mucous membranes to keep clean and you will need to replace what you sweat.
  3. Take everything a bit slower than usual! Help your body with its handling of the virus.
  4. Use medical if needed! Fever sometimes need some help to be pushed down with some painkillers, depending on how impacted you are.
  5. Accept the time it takes to recover from a cold.

There are good tips on 2 and 3.

What is your best tips to handle a cold?

Comment further down and share your wisdom!