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Do one thing now and be more successful

Stop using “then”, “later” or “when everything calms down” when health comes up. Find your motivation and prioritize to do good things regardless if it is about physical activity, food or becoming friendlier towards yourself and others.


Stop procrastinating changes and start now!

In the article Do the change now! I share one thing now, just select one small thing and do it. Find your thing, I am sure du have some of them somewhere in memory, and do it immediately. Life-changing changes can be made step by step because otherwise they have an ability to run out into the sand, the same goes with unrealistic or at least tough goals such as loosing extreme figures in weight in a short time, getting that six pack within a few months or just eating a vegetarian diet.

Help on the road – It is about prioritization and figure out your motivation


The easiest way to prioritize is by taking your list of things you want to change for your health and thinking about three things:

  • How important is this to me? The more important something feels, the greater the chance that it will happen. Then, of course, the situation can arise where several things become equally important, and then you simply have to change your attitude so that it becomes one thing that is most important.
  • Can I get it into my everyday life? If you get it into your everyday life, it means that “disruptions” to other things in life will be fewer and then it will be easier for a possible family to support you in what you do with.
  • Do I get support from the family? You who receive support, no matter what it does, increase your chances of actually achieving the goals.
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If you are going to do something right now, I think you will need to feel motivated, so here are two questions you can ask yourself to find your motivation:

  • Think about what awakens your inner drive, what is it that makes you a little focused and even happy when you think about doing it? If you find a driving force, you will find perseverance to go all the way, if you are a little happy in the meantime, it can be a motivation in itself.
  • What are you interested in doing. what can you control and what are your needs? If you deepen an interest, where you control yourself, while at the same time covering some of your needs, you may have found something that motivates you.

We are different as people and the above questions are general so you may need to ask completely different questions to find your motivation.

  • Fundera på vad som väcker din inre drivkraft, vad är det som gör dig lite fokuserad och till och med lycklig när du tänker på att göra det? Hittar du en drivkraft så hittar du uthållighet för att gå hela vägen, är du lite lycklig under tiden så kan det bli en motivation i sig.
  • Vad är du intresserad av att göra. vad kan du styra över och vad är dina behov? Om du fördjupar ett intresse, där du styr över dig själv, samtidigt det täcker något av dina behov så kan du ha hittat något som motiverar dig.

Vi är olika som människor och ovanstående frågor är generella så du kan behöva ställa helt andra frågor för att hitta din motivation.

Hur tänker du nu, vad funkar för dig? Kommentera gärna nedan!