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Our vision

Sustainable health for human and society

strength stairs


Sustainable health for human and society.


By sharing wisdom about exercise, nutrition, recovery and sleep people and societies are inspired to a physically, mentally and socially healthy living.


Together we gather the wisdom and resources needed to achieve the vision.

Our overall strategy

Professional coaching, body therapy and counseling in exercise, nutrition, recovery, breathing and sleep for individuals, groups and organizations in order to take conscious steps for sustainable physical, mental and social health and a positive value creation economically, socially and environmentally.

Why do we exist?

Strength stairs is there for those who want to improve their well-being to be able to do so in a more sustainable and smarter way with care for themselves and others.



We work with an open climate and a humble mind.


We work with freedom under responsibility and building relationships.

We work with patience and dare to take conscious steps.


We work for a better world.

Our advice is aimed at long-term behavioral changes.


We work with scientific facts and collective wisdom.

Our advice is based on a scientific basis and proven experience.


We work with constant learning and knowledge dissemination.


We work for positive value creation economically, socially and environmentally.


We work with a group leadership that is based on encouragement and the individual’s self-leadership.

Our advice leads to responsibility and power over development and changes in one’s own life.