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Strength stairs

Strength stairs is a method, a company and a way of thinking to reach sustainable health.

strength stairs

Table of contents

The consciuous steps in our slogan “Conscious steps for sustainable health”. The name Strength stairs comes from a concept Per came in contact with attending trainings at Eleiko Education in Halmstad.

The basic idea is that you develop capabilities in strength sports. This in 5-6 steps where you name the steps Mobility, Technique, Load, Speed, Powerlifting, Weight Lifting with progression in complexity.


How long time is needed to go through the steps? 365 days.

Strength stairs assumes patience , depending on starting point it kan take up to a year to walk through the steps, to take conscious steps for a sustainable health.

  1. Exercise

    The most important health pillar in our method is physical and mental exercise.

  2. Nutrition

    You need to adapt what you eat to the workout and exercise you do every day.

  3. Recovery

    It is important to reflect on and make time for rest and recovery.

  4. Sleep

    Often a result of the three first steps is improved sleep, however there is things that can be done to improve sleep as its own health pillar

We think this is a simple, powerful and easy to understand model, hence we have adapted it so it covers progression within exercise, nutrition, recovery and sleep.


Goal and preconditions impact the actual setup on all plans.


Strength stairs in Gothenburg is the name on the business.

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