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Sustainable health

Three perspectives

It is possible to create and maintain a sustainable health built on a stable self esteem, confidence and ego image. It is important to feel secure and to succeed, hence Strength stairs is the model to use. Everything is based on building habits and security where the success comes in conscious steps to create a stable self esteem and confidence. Ego image is built with an honest, straight forward and nice relation to ourselves and others.

It is possible to create and maintain a sustainable health without fuzz and sacrifice. Changes and improvements in exercise, nutrition, recovery and health should impact life prioritization in a positive way. As a result everything feels better and easier both mentally and physically in handling life itself.

It is possible to create and maintain a sustainable health doing good for our neighbourhood. Close surroundings like home, as well as the bigger picture with environment is important to consider when discussing sustainable health.

We can improve the environment by exercising more, look at this infographics from American College of sports medicine:

You can also read more in the Euroactive webb site about the project INHERIT where one of the aimes is a more active lifestyle:

Good health?

According to World Health Organization WHO definition of health is

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” 


It might sound big and hard to achieve. The sustainable is to find the balance between encouraging people to find their motivation and to carry out the changed and life prioritization needed to reach as good physical, mental and social health as possible. disease and infirmity is something that can be challenging and we need to consider that and handle it as well as possible since we at Strength Stairs think that everyone should get the opportunity to be successful.


How do I get sustainable health?

Be patient at let changes take time, have the courage to take small and conscious steps and do it together with us and others.

Why is Strength stairs working with sustainable health?

Since it is part of our vision, our DNA, “Sustainable health for human and society”

How is Strength stairs working with sustainable health?

We base our coaching, guidance and advice on methods, science and knowledge that is well tested practically and in research and that is human, society and environment friendly.
Example could be using household utensils for exercise, cooking nutritious food based on locally produced and ecological ingredients and working with physical and mental recovery to reduce stress on both human and society.

What is sustainable health?

It is working with the health so it gives back something good both for man, society and environment over time.
It is also working with health where positive changes can be kept as a habits.

Who can work with sustainable health?

Everyone can work with changes that is good for both human, society and environment, it is all a matter of taking conscious steps.

When can one work with sustainable health?

Anytime, it is as simple as that.
It is always possible to take decisions and conscious steps that is good for both human, society and environment.

Where can one work with sustainable health?

Everywhere really.
Examples is at home, the gym, at work, at school or at the hospital.

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