Exercise at home

Improve exercise at home with household utensils

Keep it simple, stupid Kelly Johnson, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KISS_principle Many people exercise at home because it is practical, cheap, time saving or of other reasons. Here is a household utensil that can improve your exercise at home. Broomstick Strength stairs favorite accessory both at home and at the gym. The three exercises… 

Park your shoulders

Park your shoulders and show the medal – good posture

When thinking about your posture and work actively to strengthening it, you will at the same time improve quality of life and your health! Oddný Óskarsdóttir, (translation by Strength stairs) https://www.kiropraktorcentrum.com/index.php/sv/om-oss/nyhetsbrev/halsa/128-nyhetsbrev-0408 Park your shoulders The physical part to pull your scapula to a comfortable position so shoulders can sink down.…