Breathe in square


Sometimes we need a quick way of calming down, when having lighter anxiety attacks or when it is just to much so everything just get blurry. Here you have a good technique of recovering quickly.

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Time needed: 1 minute.

The name comes from trying to find something square to look at, can be a window or a building. What you should use this square for is to inhale, hold your breath, exhale, hold your breath and then start over.

  1. Breathe in

    Start in one corner and as you begin to follow the line from the first to the second corner, you draw in air so that you are done with the inhalation when you reach the second corner.

  2. Hold your breath

    From the second to the third corner, follow the line just as fast / slow and hold your breath.

  3. Breathe out

    As you follow the line from the third to the fourth corner, exhale so you finish the exhale as you reach the fourth corner.

  4. Hold your breath

  5. Restart

    As many times you need to calm down

Common questions

What is breathe in square?

A technique to impact the parasympathetic system, the relaxation system, in the body to calm down.

What is breathe in square good for?

Lowering the pulse, reducing stress levels and improve recovery

What equipment is needed to breathe in square?


What supplementary exercises can improve breathe in square?

Stomach breathing, to get the air downwards in the abdomen.

Are there any good tips to perform breathe in square in a safe way?

Be present in yourself, if you are using this technique during anxiety or stressed situations.

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